Ever since Tamara and I broke the news about finding lead in fidget spinners people have been asking me which fidget spinners are lead free. The problem is we just don’t know yet. Yes, we have tested some fidget spinners that turned out to be lead free but since most fidget spinners are notRead More →

Cancer. It’s an ugly word that has touched far too many in my life – and if the statistics hold true, probably in yours, too. This month, Cost Plus World Market and I are partnering together to share recipes specifically for cancer warriors. And because I wrote THE book onRead More →

Aren’t cassette tapes the coolest?  They bring back some fabulous childhood memories.  Making mixed tapes of all the best songs by recording the radio. Rewinding, untangling that tape, and the inevitable glitches mid-song from a snagged tape. My children will never understand the wonders of the cassette tape.  Did youRead More →

A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO CLOTH DIAPERING  aCloth diapering may have fallen out of style for awhile, but it’s the historical norm and it’s back with a vengeance! For good reason, too: cloth diapers are economical, eco-friendly, and just plain cute. There are so many crazy terms and techniques involved withRead More →