here are few things nicer than a newly organized space. Projects for the farmhouse were on hold for quite a while in 2016 due to needing to drop everything to write a book. The book is turned in and things are getting back to full swing and boy am I glad to haveRead More →

Spring is on its way and I am ready to get all things green and growing integrated into my decor! On my front door, I have this great heart chalkboard instead of a wreath. My door is not ideally situated to have real, live succulents hanging on it (also: IRead More →

Like most full time professional bloggers, I work from home. What I call my studio is a combination of craft room, home office, photography studio and writer’s office. That’s a lot of things to cram into one room! I need a place to sit (or stand) and work on my computer asRead More →